Wednesday, February 07, 2007

180 Annoyances

161. Movies where characters demonstrate how masculine and tough they are by taking a Tylenol and just swallowing it without water. Does anyone, in real life, choose to just swallow pills dry when water is easily available?

162. Old people in the theater who sit there and stare at the end credits.

163. That metallic-pumpkin car color.

164. Gym machines that really highball the burned-calorie estimate.

165. When you get a call from your power company or your cell phone provider or whoever, and they stay completely silent until you've said hello a second time.

166. Parents who have their baby's totally awesome sixth finger removed.

167. Using "I can't hear you!!!" more than once when pumping up the crowd.

168. That hairstyle you sometimes see with black women where it looks like their hair is painted on their scalp. I don't know what it's called but it's really off-putting.

169. Law firms with 6 or more people in the name. (For example)

170. Dressing up as a tennis pro for Halloween. Wearing a white shirt and shorts, carrying a racket, and draping a sweater over your shoulders is officially the least effort you could possibly make at a costume.

171. January gym crowding.

172. All those 10-10-220 and 10-10-321 commercials from about 5 years ago.

173. Sitting next to your parents during a movie sex scene.

174. The headache you get from an autostereogram.

175. How the Chinese government "owns" the panda species.

176. When the ambulence/firetruck eats your whole green turn arrow.

177. Being bent over a barrel by these frickin expensive cell phone plans. $100 a month? Didn’t phone ownership used to cost about $20 a month? Enjoy it while you can, Verizon, I predict it won’t last.

178. Pizza parlours that don't serve by the slice.

179. Coffee grounds in the last sip.

180. That one person at a dinner table toast who absolutely needs to clink every.... person's.......... glass.

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