Friday, February 27, 2009

New Blog Update

I had one or two other topics to go here that were poker related. But I'm starting to think that poker is a bit of a niche issue, and not everyone would be interested in my complaints about specific Las Vegas poker rooms. So I'm starting up a new blog called Poker Advice of Dubious Value. It will cover all the poker topics I want to talk about, and that way I can stick to general subjects here. If you're a poker player and want to check it out, the address is The plan will be to update it every Sunday. As for the Petty Annoyances, I'm tapped out at the moment. I got nothing in the hopper.

But I do have a great quote from the author Jonah Goldberg, where he discusses his own petty annoyance. Read and enjoy:

Another useful ban would be to bar people from using foreign words when English ones work just fine. My favorite example of this, if memory serves, was a piece in the American Spectator in the mid 1990s by, I believe, Michael Vlahos who in the course of a perfectly insightful and intelligent article used the German word Konzept instead of the English "concept."

Even today a friend of mine will over-pronounce the word Konzept (spitting on the final "T") like a Disney movie German scientist whenever one of us comes up with a fairly banal idea or suggestion. For example, Me: "Some buffalo wings would be really good right now." Friend: "That is a fascinating Kooooooohhhhhhnnnnnzzzzzzepttttt!"

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Anonymous said...

"and not everyone would be interested in my complaints about" anything.

give it up pal. i found this sad hole searching for not your blog and i always like to take a second or two to see what i'd stumbled across. i saw your bullshit post about plastic rings and that motivated to look at a few other posts to see if you really were just an ignorant misinformed blowhard, and all signs point to a big YES.

i also noted that most of the three or four comments i saw were from folks stumbling across this piece after an unrelated search.

maybe you do this for therapy? if not, you should stop.

or rename it "super annoying blog postings about shit that annoys me: an obnoxious, blowhard whiner"